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Honsberg Aurum - the better solution to cut high and highest alloyed steel grades

The company HONSBERG Metallsaegen GmbH located in Remscheid, Germany since 1798 recently launched a new band saw blade for efficient cutting in forging mills and for professional tool steel traders.

Beside the ongoing implementation of heavy duty band saw machinery in the industries the band saw blade manufacturers are faced with new challenges to cut new high and highest alloyed steels grades and nickel base alloys. Big dimensions should be cut with minimum cutting channels, highest performance to achieve the lowest cost per cut.

The new product HONSBERG AURUM shows many features which are specially balanced for the cutting jobs you find in forging mills and for professional tool steel trading.

The HONSBERG technicians selected a high speed steel of grade M51 which shows a high wear resistance due to its increased content of cobalt and tungsten.

Hallmark of the tool are uniquely chamfered tooth flanks which generate an aggressive penetration for cutting high and highest alloyed steel grades, nickel base alloys and many exotic steel grades which are difficult to machine. Defined chipping sections are generated by the precision chamfering so a constant wear out is achieved all over the blade. There is no tooth wearing out faster than others which often lead to the early break-down of conventional made band saw blades. Other advantages beside the extended service life are a reduced roughness depth and minimized cut deviation which was requested by end-users.

With the extension of the range up to a blade widths of 100mm HONSBERG follows the trend for upgraded heavy duty machinery especially in forging industries. HONSBERG is one of the few manufacturers who offer this blade dimension worldwide in order to service customers for cutting channels today up to 2500mm at present.

Exhibitor: Honsberg Metallsägen GmbH

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