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About us

ALD Vacuum Technologies is a synonym for innovation in vacuum technologies. ALD is a leading supplier of vacuum furnaces and processes. We operate in all fields of vacuum metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment with products and services. With subsidiaries in the USA, France, China, Japan, Russia, India, Singapore, and Thailand and over 70 representatives, we are serving our customers.

ALD's primary and re-melting technologies produce high grade ultrapure materials and alloys. The main focus is on steels, nickel based alloys and materials i.e. Titanium, Tantalum or Niobium and the products thereof like blocks, investment castings, energy recovery or metal powder. Furnaces for coating of turbine blades and the production of ultrapure silicon as a basic for solar wafers are examples of our technology.
Innovation and continuous ongoing developments of technologies and systems for heat treatment and sintering are leading to quality improvements of the treated components while cutting costs.

Products and services

MonoTherm multipurpose vacuum furnace for heat treatment, brazing and carburizing with high pressure gas quenching. The charge sizes are up to 2200 litre.

DualTherm for vacuum carburizing and quenching. The charge size is 450 litre, the charge weight is up to 1000 kg. VID for vacuum induction melting and degassing furnace for heat size from 1–4000 litre.

ESR insert gas electro slag re-melting increasing the homogeneity and improving the micro structure of the primary melted alloys.
VIGA/EIGA system for the inert gas atomization to produce spherical metal powders for high grade steel, Ni-Base alloys and precious metal. The contactless melting in the EIGA allows the manufacturing of powder from reactive metals such as Titanium and Zirconium.
VIM-IC system for investment casting of Ni-Base, Superalloy and high grade steels. Vacuum melting reduces the porosity significantly. Mini Steel Mills for the manufacturing of high grade steel, nickel base alloys and super alloys.

DualTherm Oil Quench

DualTherm Oil Quench

DualTherm with Oil Quench (DTO)

The DTO is a furnace system for the process of vacuum carburizing and oil quenching. Two charge sizes with 400 x 400 x 600 mm and 600 x 750 x 1000 mm are available. The maximum charge weight is 1000 kg.
Vacuum carburizing replaces the gas carburizing and has the advantage of no oxidation. The quenching under inert gas avoids any flames.
The DTO could be installed in a normal production environment and reduces the costs for the carburizing significantly.



The MonoTherm is a single chamber multipurpose furnace for all heat treatment application, such as hardening, annealing, precipitation annealing, tempering, brazing.
The hot zone will be cylindrical or cubical. Four different furnaces sizes from 400x400x600 mm to 1200x1200x1500 mm are available. The maximum charge weight will be from 200 to 2000 kg. The vacuum degree could be down to 5x10-6 mbar. The maximum quench pressure is 20 bar. Dynamic quenching allows a gentle cooling of the load.



With VIGA/EIGA system it is possible to produce metal powder for additive manufacturing using the inert gas atomization. This technique will produce spherical powder particles, which are important for the methods of additive manufacturing. The typical particle size is between 10-80 µm. With VIGA/EIGA it is possible to manufacture all kind of metal powders, such as stainless steel, tool & die steel, Nickel base alloys and alloys of reactive materials such as Zirconium and Titanium.


ALD Vaccum Technologies GmbH
Otto on Guericke Platz
63457 Hanau

Phone: +49 6181 3070

Guenter Busch
Head of South East Asian Operation
Phone: +66 86 3281089

NGO Hoang Company (CnH)
No.117 Tran Duy Jung Street, Charnvit Tower 16th Floor

Phone: +84 4 35624368

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